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Solar panels

Harness clean, green energy with our solar panel installations

The green revolution is here. Contact the team at L Story Electrical Ltd for competitively priced installation and repair services throughout the North East area.

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Why go solar?

As energy bills rise and clean energy technology becomes more efficient, many people are making the switch. Solar panels are a fantastic way to reduce your reliance on the National Grid, and can help power your home. 

Modern solar panels work even when it's not sunny, and excess energy can be stored for night-time use. 

If you've decided now is the time to go solar, get in touch with L Story Electrical. You can also trust our experts to handle other electrical services around the home.

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We offer free, no-obligation quotes!

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After a free, no-obligation quote and assessment, we can install your new solar panels, wiring and associated equipment at a time that suits you. We'll ensure your new panels are securely fitted, and in the optimal position to help you maximise their potential.

photovoltaic panels being attached to a roof

Testing, repairs and maintenance

Has the power generated from your solar panels dropped significantly, or entirely? If you're experiencing any issues with your solar system, get in touch with our team today. We have the skills and expertise to quickly identify the problem with your solar panel setup, and recommend a cost-effective solution. Whether the issue is faulty wiring, damaged panels or even dirt build-up, we'll ensure you can enjoy clean energy in your home once again.

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Battery storage

A solar battery allows you to store the excess energy created when the sun is shining for use later in the evening. Without a battery, your solar panels will export excess energy back into the grid. 

We think battery storage is the idea partner to go with a new solar panel system as it can help you save even more money on bills. Contact us today to find out more about the options available.

Solar Panels: Services
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For solar panel installations and more besides speak to L Story Electrical

Drop our team a message to discuss your needs in full, or to arrange a visit from one of our skilled electricians.

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